13 Stories About Harris by Amy Schwartz

Perfect for own family storytime or emergent readers, this affectionate look at the ups and downs of preschoolers in the large town is certain to make you smile.In thirteen brief, illustrated vignettes, young Harris gets into big and little adventures at home, at his exceptional pal Ayana’s house, and in the course of his numerous town neighborhood. “That’s why they name everlasting markers everlasting,” Harris’ mother says as she surveys Harris and Ayana’s handiwork in his bedroom. Thes brief, charming tales– all inspired by author Amy Schwartz’s stories as a parent– capture a preschooler’s feel of marvel and possibility, in addition to the splendor of young friendships. With its brief text supported through brilliant illustrations, that is an extremely good storytime preference for younger readers beginning to read on their own– or a high-quality choice to share together with the ones you love.A Junior Library Guild Selection


Demonstrating her deep expertise of the preschooler mind, Amy Schwartz’s fascinating 13 Stories About Harris delivers precisely what its identify promises: thirteen tales approximately a child named Harris, even though his fine pal Ayana figures prominently, too.

These are miniature home dramas; the longest tale spans 4 pages, and a totally funny one (“ ‘That’s why they call everlasting markers everlasting,’ Harris’s mother said.”) is just a single page. Most center on Harris’ ingenious play. In one, he draws an extremely long dragon’s tail on the sidewalk; in another, he and Ayana role-play worms “taking up the world” by way of jumping around in their pillowcases. Harris also makes butter along with his mom, is going on play dates with Ayana, visits his preschool and more.

There’s plenty of humor here, a lot of it understated, as when Harris and his mom pet take a seat for Stanley, Ayana’s hamster, most effective to find out six child hamsters in the cage. Another reads, “Harris was standing on his truck and he shouldn’t have been,” then wordlessly well-knownshows the effects of Harris’ movements after the page turn. The very last story, in which Harris and Ayana declare they may preserve fingers “for all time and ever,” wraps it all up on a smooth note.

The illustrations are traditional Schwartz, with finely drawn, carefully composed vignettes in vivid colours of children at play. The testimonies’ pacing varies, however each one receives it just right. Schwartz is aware of while to permit her illustrations communicate for themselves, inclusive of Harris’ woeful fall from his toy truck, giving readers an opportunity to position two and two together. Put thirteen Stories About Harris into the arms of young readers ready for a baker’s dozen of whimsical tales.


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