A Saint From Texas by Edmund White


Exploring the complexities of sin, ardour and love—both human and divine—Edmund White spins a story of Texas sisters whose destinies could not be more dissimilar. From the social milieu of Paris to the sanctity of a Colombian convent, A Saint From Texas is alive with choice and rich with history, and White’s love for his characters is infectious.

Yvonne and Yvette (pronounced “Why-vonne” and “Why-vette,” y’all) are same twins from a wealthy circle of relatives. After their mom dies and their stepmother uproots the family to Dallas, the twins start to grow into absolutely specific women. Whereas Yvonne turns into a proper Dallas socialite, with lengthy blond hair and a glamorous debut, Yvette turns to books and faith, tutoring immigrant children and encouraging employees to unionize. The girls are bonded with the aid of their disdain for their stepmother and the struggling they revel in at their father’s hand, and sooner or later they break out to the University of Texas at Austin together. Yvonne ascends the social ladder, and Yvette steeps herself in faith and intellect. By their junior yr, each women depart the school, Yvonne to Paris and Yvette to Colombia.

Here the unconventional begins to turn in on itself, as we follow Yvonne’s social climb and eventual marriage, with quick yet powerful epistolary transmissions from Yvette. Both sides of the tale are moving, emotionally tortuous and prurient, highlighted by way of White’s subtle and gentle prose.

White’s almost 50-yr career has inspired the minds and lifted the hearts of many, and the 80-12 months-old author’s storytelling power most effective keeps to rise. A Saint From Texas explores the deep trenches of each woman’s struggle, and we are compelled to don't forget the variations between worldly and heavenly choice, even though one may recognise that possibly there aren’t that many. In this book, love is shapeless and nameless, though its effects can be staggering.


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