Cobble Hill by Cecily von Ziegesar


When a person chooses a brand new home, it’s not often a decision primarily based on the people who live nearby. The homebuyer’s recognition is commonly on the property and the neighborhood surrounding it. But once the individual actions in, their life will forever intersect with those of the buddies.

Roy, Wendy and their daughter, Shy, draw a crowd after they pass into Cobble Hill, an upscale neighborhood in Brooklyn. Roy is a bestselling British novelist, but the family is prepared for a change. They move across the sea to Wendy’s local New York City, in which Roy’s desire to combo in quickly turns into impossible. He’s struggling together with his next book, and although she doesn’t admit it to her husband, Wendy is likewise having problem together with her new magazine job.

Soon, Roy is pulled into his neighbor Tupper’s marital drama whilst Tupper asks Roy to catsit. Tupper’s wife, Elizabeth, is an artist who comes and goes on her whims, and Tupper is irritating and eager for her return. Nearby, Stuart and Mandy face challenges in their own. The couple fell in love in high college, and Stuart observed reputation as a rock star. But the ones days are over, and now Stuart works a stable however boring job. Mandy is frustrated with her body’s changes as she enters her mid-30s, and she lies about a clinical prognosis to cover her inertia and take hold of her husband’s attention, which has recently become divided through Peaches, the elementary faculty nurse, ever for the reason that he met her even as selecting up his ill son, Ted. Meanwhile, Peaches and her husband, Greg, have been longtime fanatics of Stuart’s band, and she indulges her crush. Peaches and Greg’s son, Liam, doesn’t recognise what to make of the tension between his parents.

In Cobble Hill, the residents’ lives intersect and tangle with one another as college dramas unfold and neighbors host social gatherings. As the couples look at their huge others’ relationships with the neighbors, author Cecily von Ziegesar (creator of Gossip Girl) spins a fast-paced, funny tale of the now and again confusing but frequently entertaining ways friends relate to each other.


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