Crow & Snow by Robert Broder

This heartfelt and beautifully illustrated picture ebook follows the special friendship among a scarecrow and a snowman at some point of the seasons.Being a scarecrow may be lonely. Spending his day keeping birds away doesn’t leave Crow with many options for friends. Then one snowy day, the youngsters at the farm construct a snowman. Crow and Snow are fast friends and iciness passes thankfully in each other’s company. Then Snow is going away. Crow misses his pal and thinks of Snow throughout the warm seasons until they may be reunited again. Being apart may be hard, but the very truest of friends by no means lose each other.


A pleasant scarecrow named Crow stands by myself in a field, watching tractors go by and seasons pass. One winter, youngsters build a snowman right next to Crow. After Crow in the end says hello, Crow and Snow emerge as friends. “Will you be staying awhile?” asks Crow, however Snow isn’t sure. Sadly, Crow watches Snow slowly melt as the days heat up.

When wintry weather circles back around, Crow is thrilled to see Snow again, though he notices that this time Snow looks “a piece different.” For a 2d time, Crow has a chum to share his days with. But as wintry weather fades, he ought to over again say goodbye to Snow. After a couple of reunions and goodbyes, Crow is determined to tell Snow how he feels about him, however years pass without the youngsters building some other snowman. When “new youngsters” sooner or later appear, Crow receives his chance.

Illustrator Olivier Tallec’s uncluttered spreads in Crow & Snow characteristic a in particular inviting shade palette of cool teals and greens, once in a while offset through warmly colored crimson skies. Crow is a remarkably expressive character, in particular for a creature who's half stick, and Tallec has amusing with the ways wherein Snow’s appearance changes year through year, based totally on the materials that might be available to ingenious snowman-constructing youngsters.

Author Robert Broder weaves straightforward however touching moments of debate into this story of loss and impermanence. “I will pass over you,” Crow says as he watches Snow shrink before him. Broder balances these moments with subtle touches of barely morbid humor, which includes Snow’s utter inability to control his appearance—one 12 months, he has a carrot for a nostril and the next, a pinecone—and his powerlessness to govern his destiny while the weather adjustments. The spreads wherein Snow disappears have a deeply felt poignancy, but the way this tender tale ends infuses the entirety with high-quality hopefulness.

This ode to love, and the importance of professing our feelings to those we love, speaks volumes.


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