Every Body Looking by Candice Iloh

Longlisted for the National Book Award.When Ada leaves domestic for her freshman year at a Historically Black College, it’s the primary time she’s ever been up to now from her family—and the primary time that she’s been able to make her own alternatives and to are seeking for her location in this new world. As she stumbles deeper into the sector of dance and explores her sexuality, she also begins to wrestle together with her past—her mother’s warfare with addiction, her Nigerian father’s tries to make a home for her. Ultimately, Ada discovers she desires to brush off the destiny others have chosen for her and claim complete ownership of her frame and her future. “Candice Iloh’s fantastically crafted narrative approximately family, belonging, sexuality, and telling our private truths so one can be whole is straight away immensely readable and in the end healing.”—Jacqueline Woodson, New York Times Bestselling Author of Brown Girl Dreaming“An essential—and emotionally gripping and masterfully written and compulsively readable—addition to the coming-of-age canon.”—Nic Stone, New York Times Bestselling Author of Dear Martin“This is a story about the now and again toxic and heavy expectations set onthe backs of first-generation children, the pressures woven into the familydynamic, culturally and socially. About adolescence secrets with sharp teeth. And ultimately, approximately a liberation that taunts each younger person.” —Jason Reynolds, New York Times Bestselling Author of Long Way Down


In Candice Iloh’s debut novel in verse, Every Body Looking, university and the newfound independence it brings release 18-year-vintage Ada from her conservative upbringing into a discovery of what she wants.

When we first meet Ada, she doesn’t seem to know how to articulate her own desires, both for her relationships or for the route her existence will take. A first-generation Nigerian American girl, Ada has been sheltered as a lot as her religious father should manage. After working tough in excessive school, she earns a scholarship to a traditionally Black university and leaves Chicago on her very own for the primary time. Though she registers for accounting classes, it doesn’t take lengthy for Ada to understand that she doesn’t care approximately credit and debits. What she genuinely desires to do is dance—some thing she’s usually done however has saved hidden from her dad. When Ada meets an entrancing dancer named Kendra, she begins to see a manner to construct her destiny round her love of dance.

Every Body Looking pivots and spins across time, from Ada’s early early life all the manner to her first year of college, because it touches on subject matters of abuse, trauma and healing. Ada reviews abuse at a younger age, and it affects her existence in approaches that Iloh depicts with sensitivity. Ada also struggles with loving and being loved by means of her unreliable and from time to time merciless mother, who's coping with addiction.

Iloh movingly explores the concept of safety through Ada’s relationships along with her parents, in addition to in her evolving views on money, ability careers and budding romantic crushes. Teen readers who lengthy for extra independence than adults are inclined to supply them, or who long to be visible as individuals as opposed to vessels for person impact and course, will discover many factors of identification with Ada’s story.

As Ada learns to feel and appreciate the electricity of her very own body via dance, she develops strength in other regions of her life as well. Every Body Looking is a effective acknowledgement of what we benefit when we supply ourselves permission to include who we are fully and completely.


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