Leonard and Hungry Paul by Rónán Hession

A disarming novel that asks a simple question: Can gentle humans exchange the world?   In this captivating and clearly particular debut, famous Irish musician Ronan Hession tells the story of two single, thirty-something men who still live with their dad and mom and who are . . . Nice. They contend with their dad and mom and play board games together. They like to read. They take delight from their work. They are resolutely kind. And they comprehend that none of that is considered . . . Normal.   Leonard and Hungry Paul is the tale of buddies struggling to shield their understanding of what’s significant in life. It is about the uncelebrated humans of this world — the gentle, the meek, the humble. And as they warfare to persevere, the e-book asks a pretty spell binding question: Is it surely them against the world, or are they on to some thing?


Most folks lead quiet lives, strung together with the aid of the numerous moments that make up the act of truly living. Our lives are shaped across the mundane as much as the unexpected. We try a brand new project, talk to that man or woman we think is lovely or have an honest, loving communique with our family. We wonder and disappoint ourselves; we frequently obsess and overthink. Leonard and Hungry Paul explores two such everyday lives.

The titular pals are men in their 30s, gambling board video games and being each other’s sounding boards. At the start of the novel, Leonard’s mom has just died, and he’s working thru his grief and loneliness along side the opportunity of romance. Hungry Paul is fortunately ambling thru life, residing at home with his dad and mom and every so often being accosted through motivational speeches from his older sister. These two lifelong pals go to work (or not, as the case may additionally be), meet new people, strive new things—the stuff of everyday life. While Leonard spends his days as an encyclopedia content material supervisor, Hungry Paul spends his time absorbed inside the gift moment. By making friends with silence, as Hungry Paul has mastered, we can learn plenty about ourselves and the sector round us.

A musician and storyteller thru tune for lots years, Rónán Hession infuses his debut novel with tangible realness, honesty and delight. Hession takes on the acquainted and mines it for its splendor and significance, as well as its whimsy. With an insightfully observant eye that’s keen on details, Hession illustrates a larger picture of what being human method and how we are able to confound yet ultimately aid one another. Leonard and Hungry Paul is a reminder that we’re all simply human beings doing our nice to be kind, to others and ourselves.


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