Magic Dark and Strange by Kelly Powell

The Bone Witch meets Sherlock Holmes in this thrilling ancient fantasy about a girl with the capacity to elevate the lifeless who have to delve into her city’s dangerous magical underworld to stop a series of murders.Catherine Daly has an unusual talent. By day she works for a printer. But through night, she awakens the dead for a few precious moments with cherished ones seeking a very last goodbye. But this magic comes with a price: for every hour that a ghost is added returned, Catherine loses an hour from her very own life. When Catherine is given the unusual challenge of amassing a timepiece from an antique grave, she is sure that the mysterious item must comprise some form of enchantment. So she enlists Guy Nolan, the watchmaker’s son, to help her dig it up. But in place of a timepiece, they discover a surprise: the frame of a teenage boy. And as they watch, he comes again to lifestyles—now not as the light imitation that Catherine can conjure, however as a living, breathing boy. A boy with no reminiscence of his past. This magic is more powerful than any Catherine has ever encountered, and revealing it brings dangerous enemies. Catherine and Guy should race to unravel the relationship among the missing timepiece and the undead boy. For this mysterious magic could mean the difference among existence and death—for all of them.


By day, Catherine works in a print shop. At night, her boss sends her to the cemetery to raise the dead and give households a very last hour with their loved ones—but every raising takes an hour off her life. It’s an unlucky bargain, however Catherine is on the mercy of her organization, who can toss her out on the road at any moment—and he does while Catherine and her pal Guy, a watchmaker, fail to unearth a mystical timepiece buried in a boy’s coffin. Instead, they inexplicably revive the boy permanently. Though he can’t don't forget some thing approximately his life, the boy is their best hyperlink to the timepiece, and finding it is the best manner they can save Catherine’s livelihood.

Set in an exchange Victorian England, Magic Dark and Strange combines thriller, magic and a hint of the macabre while underscoring the harsh conditions of the working class. Catherine relies upon on her organisation for earnings and lodging, and her quest for the timepiece profits urgency from her worry of destitution. Guy and his father warfare to hold their store afloat, and the revived boy should discover an apprenticeship or hazard the poorhouse.

A lack of regulations to control the magical elements of this tale may additionally frustrate detail-oriented fantasy fans. Nonetheless, the novel’s moody, gothic atmosphere, appealing romance and brisk mystery plot will satisfy readers who revel in storytelling that blends style conventions with ease.


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