Monster and Boy by Hannah Barnaby

Fall in love with the friendship among Monster and Boy in this exciting new chapter e-book collection from creator Hannah Barnaby and illustrator Anoosha Syed. When Monster (who lives below the bed) meets Boy (who sleeps inside the bed), Boy starts offevolved to scream―and Monster directly swallows him. It’s the beginning of a lovely friendship! Told with a warm, comfy voice, the story is delivered to existence with cute two-coloration illustrations. Filled with adventure and humor, this chapter book is ideal for sharing with youngsters just growing older out of photo books and for newly impartial readers.


If you're a young boy who discovers you have got a monster sleeping under your mattress, what do you do? You scream. And if you are a monster on the receiving stop of that scream, what do you do? You swallow the boy whole, of course.

So starts offevolved Hannah Barnaby’s smart chapter book, Monster and Boy, but whilst an sudden cough jettisons the now grasshopper-sized boy from the monster’s tummy, the monster is confronted with a far larger—or is it smaller?—trouble. His friend, who sleeps in the bed above him, whose socks smell so good, whose snoring is so comforting, is now scarcely bigger than a mouse. Despite his diminutive size, the boy nevertheless has a huge appetite, so monster and boy task downstairs to the kitchen, in which they come across another trouble in the form of the boy’s sister, who threatens to wake the entire house. What’s a well-intentioned monster to do?

Barnaby’s tale provides masses of bite-sized drama at the same time as spinning a warm and literally fuzzy story of not likely friendship. Illustrator Anoosha Syed’s easy line drawings breathe lifestyles into the sweet but hapless monster and add an extra size of humor to Barnaby’s wry text. The tale’s casual, conversational fashion makes this attractive chapter ebook smooth for even the maximum reluctant readers to swallow—whole, of course.


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