Straight From the Horse’s Mouth by Meryem Alaoui

This hilarious, colorful portrait of a sex employee navigating existence in contemporary Morocco introduces a promising new literary voice. Thirty-four-year-vintage prostitute Jmiaa displays on the bustling world around her with a brutal honesty, however also a quick wit that cuts via the drudgery. Like a lot of the women in her working-class Casablanca neighborhood, Jmiaa struggles to earn sufficient money to assist herself and her family—often which include the deadbeat husband who walked out on her and their young daughter. While she doesn’t despair approximately her profession like her roommate, Halima, who reads the Quran among clients, she still has to keep a delicate stability between her reality and the “respectable” one she paints for her own greater conservative mother. This day by day grind is interrupted by using the advent of an aspiring young director, Chadlia, whom Jmiaa takes to calling “Horse Mouth.” Chadlia enlists Jmiaa’s help on a movie project, to begin with just to ensure the plot and dialogue are authentic. But while she’s not able to discover an actress who’s right for the starring role, she turns once more to Jmiaa, giving the latter an first rate opportunity for a higher life. In her breakout debut novel, Meryem Alaoui creates a vibrant photo of the every day demanding situations faced by way of working humans in Casablanca, which they meet head-on with resourcefulness and resilience.





Heading Out Review

The voice of North African novelist Meryem Alaoui is a welcome one. Her debut, Straight From the Horse’s Mouth, is a powerful man or woman have a look at of a lively young sex worker who meets a filmmaker seeking her expertise.

The fast-moving novel is told with the aid of quick-witted and resilient Jmiaa, who reflects on her life in a bustling working-elegance Casablanca neighborhood, which include the small bars, the open-air markets and the women who spend their evenings alongside her, ingesting and chatting as they wait for ability clients. As a prostitute, Jmiaa keeps her mother in the darkish about her occupation whilst earning sufficient cash to support both herself and her 7-year-vintage daughter. Jmiaa also will pay her pimp, Houcine, for protection and facilitates her dead-beat ex-husband, Hamid, who forced her into sex paintings after his business failed.

Aspiring Dutch filmmaker Chadlia is travelling Casablanca to analyze a film about Moroccan urban lifestyles, and he or she hires Jmiaa as a consultant to maintain the plot and speak authentic. But when Chadlia has hassle casting the film, Jmiaa steps in to help, beginning doors into a lifestyles that neither girl ought to have predicted.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth follows a acquainted rag-to-riches storyline, but Jmiaa’s unfaltering optimism will keep readers hooked. She is matter-of-reality approximately the everyday info of her profession, boasting of her capacity to offer for her circle of relatives and proudly defending the ladies who share the streets with her.

Alaoui is ably served by her translator, Emma Ramadan, who captures Jmiaa’s irreverent spirit and sass. A simple thesaurus at the give up adds context to the store names, neighborhood personalities and meals that make contributions to the richness of normal info.



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