Tales From the Ant World by Edward O. Wilson

Edward O. Wilson recollects his lifetime with ants, from his first boyhood encounters inside the woods of Alabama to perilous trips into the Brazilian rainforest.“Ants are the maximum warlike of all animals, with colony pitted towards colony,” writes E.O. Wilson, one of the world’s maximum cherished scientists, “their clashes dwarf Waterloo and Gettysburg.” In Tales from the Ant World, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Wilson takes us on a myrmecological excursion to such far-flung destinations as Mozambique and New Guinea, the Gulf of Mexico’s Dauphin Island or even his parent’s overgrown backyard, thrillingly relating his nine-decade-long scientific obsession with over 15,000 ant species.Animating his scientific observations with illuminating non-public stories, Wilson hones in on twenty-five ant species to explain how these genetically advanced creatures talk, smell, and taste, and extra significantly, how they combat to decide who’s dominant. Wryly observing that “adult males are little extra than flying sperm missiles” or that ants ship their “little old girls into battle,” Wilson eloquently relays his brushes with fire, army, and leafcutter ants, as well as more special species. Among them are the very uncommon Matabele, Africa’s fiercest warrior ants, whose woman hunters can deliver up to fifteen termites of their jaw (and, as Wilson reviews from non-public experience, have an extremely painful stinger); Costa Rica’s Basiceros, the slowest of all ants; and New Caledonia’s Bull Ants, the maximum endangered of them all, which Wilson located in 2011 after over 20 years of presumed extinction.Richly illustrated in the course of with depictions of ant species by way of Kristen Orr, as nicely as photos from Wilsons’ expeditions in the course of the world, Tales from the Ant World is a fascinating, if not every now and then hair-raising, non-public account by using one among our greatest scientists and a important quantity for any lover of the natural world. 28 black-and-white images


Whether he’s writing about island biogeography, sociobiology, human nature or biodiversity, naturalist Edward O. Wilson tells a cracking true story. He’s a raconteur who compels us to stop for a moment and listen in rapt wonder to his captivating testimonies of forays into forests, in which he uncovers rotted logs or overturns mounds in search of the remarkable variety of species inside the ant global. With function ardour and humor, Wilson regales us with Tales From the Ant World, combining memoir and medical discovery right into a spellbinding narrative of his lifelong devotion to myrmecology, the observe of ants.

Most folks are familiar with the ants that track throughout our kitchen counters on warm spring days, however few people take some time to take into account those creatures’ lives. Wilson unveils the ant fauna, revealing the outstanding number of ants inside the global (greater than 15,000 species, and some have envisioned that the number is in the direction of 25,000 or 30,000), their social quirks (pouring out of their “hidden bivouac,” uncoiling like a rope and moving “tough and fast” from “one stronghold to the next”) and their ways of communicating (of all of the social insects that talk by pheromones, ants are the virtuosos of chemical communication).

Wilson’s absorbing and delightful book suggests how extraordinary (and populous!) this common creature definitely is. As he puts it, “If Homo sapiens had no longer arisen as an accidental primate species at the grasslands of Africa, and unfold worldwide, traffic from other celebrity systems, once they come (and mark my word, they will sooner or later come), need to be inclined to name Earth ‘planet of the ants.’ ” In his mesmerizing Tales From the Ant World, Wilson encourages readers to feed those ants for your kitchen and look at them. In doing so, you’ll discover a exceptional deal approximately the social international of insects and, perhaps, about yourselves.


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