The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey

A USA Today Book Not to Misscreator of The Flight of Gemma Hardy provides another “luminous, unforgettable, and flawlessly rendered” (Dennis Lehane) novel—a poignant and probing psychological drama that follows the lives of 3 siblings in the wake of a violent crime.One September afternoon in 1999, teens Matthew, Zoe, and Duncan Lang are taking walks home from college while they discover a boy mendacity in a field, bloody and unconscious. Thanks to their intervention, the boy’s existence is saved. In the aftermath, all three siblings are irrevocably changed. Matthew, the oldest, turns into captivated with monitoring down the assailant, secretly searching the neighborhood town with the victim’s brother. Zoe wanders the streets of Oxford, searching at men, and certainly one of them, a journeying American graduate student, appears back. Duncan, the youngest, who has seldom idea approximately being adopted, suddenly decides he wants to find his delivery mother. Overshadowing all three is the attention that something is amiss in their parents’ marriage. Over the path of the autumn, as each of the siblings confronts the complications and contradictions in their drawing near adulthood, they locate themselves straight away drawn together and pushed apart.Written with the deceptive simplicity and power of a fable, The Boy in the Field showcases Margot Livesey’s unmatched capability to “inform her tale masterfully, with intelligence, tenderness, and a shrewd information of all our mercurial human impulses” (Lily King, creator of Euphoria).


The discovery of a random crime ends in an empathic exploration of own family, connection and creativity in Margot Livesey’s 9th novel, The Boy in the Field.

Walking domestic from school outdoor of Oxford, England, siblings Matthew, Zoe and Duncan Lang locate Karel Lustig mendacity in a field, stabbed and left for dead. Their intervention saves his life, but it also sends every of them on a voyage of self-discovery. The oldest, Matthew, avidly follows the police investigation however also seeks out Karel’s family and is discomfited through their complicated dynamic, specifically whilst Karel’s hostile older brother demands that Matthew assist him in finding his brother’s assailant. At 16, Zoe is coming across the potency of her personal sexuality and is bored by means of boys her own age, so she pursues an American Ph.D. scholar on the neighboring college. Adopted as a baby, 13-year-antique Duncan publicizes that he wishes to locate his birth mom and seeks permission from all of us in the circle of relatives before trying to touch her. As the young people pursue their separate paths, their parents, Betsy and Hal, have their personal problems, as their marriage is strained by using Hal’s affair and Betsy’s withdrawal into her studies.

From her earliest work, Livesey has displayed an hobby in how individuals address the bodily and psychic space left via missing family members. Livesey’s excitement over her very own discovery of own family in Australia, after she believed she had no dwelling relatives on her mother’s side, is meditated in Duncan’s look for the woman he calls his “first mother.”

It’s not the fixing of the crime that movements the plot along—the discovery of Karel’s attacker is anticlimactic at best—however as an alternative the quiet manner Livesey explores the enduring and, on this case, elastic bonds of circle of relatives love, even within the maximum demanding situations. Filled with detailed observation and a exactly delineated plot, The Boy inside the Field will please readers who experience coming-of-age memories written with mental precision and empathy.


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