The Little Mermaid by Jerry Pinkney

In this captivating reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic, Caldecott medalist and bestselling artist Jerry Pinkney conjures a poignant friendship story and an epic tale of redemption — the definitive new version for our time. Melody, the littlest sea princess, isn’t always content simply to sing inside the choir of mermaids like her sisters. She is an explorer who wonders about what lies above the water’s surface . . . specially the young woman she has spied from a distance. To meet her requires a terrible sacrifice: she trades her lovely voice for a potion that offers her legs, in order that she may stay on land instead. It looks as if a dream come authentic at first. But when problem stirs underneath the ocean, Melody faces another not possible choice — stay along with her friend, or reclaim her genuine identification and keep her family.Legendary artist Jerry Pinkney’s singular reinvention of this tale about love and sacrifice empowers young, twenty-first century women with the sturdy message that “you ought to never surrender your voice . . . For anyone.”


Our most beloved stories seem to grow on every occasion we tell them, increasing to encompass new thoughts we’ve come to treasure in addition to familiar factors we maintain dear. Jerry Pinkney brings a well-trod tale to the surface and fills it with new lifestyles in The Little Mermaid.

Pinkney has been a fixture in children’s literature for extra than 5 decades. His distinctively distinctive watercolor illustrations lend a sense of splendor and depth to each book he touches. Many of his acclaimed titles are adaptations of folk and fairy memories, along with his Caldecott Medal-winning The Lion and the Mouse and the Caldecott Honor books John Henry (written through Julius Lester) and The Ugly Duckling.

In The Little Mermaid, Pinkney creates a lavish and vibrant world—three worlds, actually. Underwater, the merfolk’s kingdom teems with life, bubbling and busy. Amid cool blues and greens, exciting ocean creatures, consisting of fish, eels and turtles, fill the pages, hiding in every corner and cranny. Above the surface, waves roll onto a sandy beach beneath a heat yellow solar as gulls swoop thru the air. Finally, deep down beneath in a skeletal lair, a actually terrifying Sea Witch and hissing serpents are certain to result in shudders.

Though The Little Mermaid could be a fulfillment totally at the merits of Pinkney’s illustrations, his writing is equally strong. He employs shiny language that offers the e book an unusually elevated, state-of-the-art tone. There’s a marvelous sense that Pinkney is telling this story exactly the manner he might if he could gather us together around a crackling fireside to trade testimonies past due into the night.

The combination of wealthy language and lush artwork could crush a much less experienced creator, however in Pinkney’s finished hands, it’s precisely right. The Little Mermaid sticks out as an excellent addition to the frame of work of one in every of the most acclaimed children’s ebook creators of all time, and as a worthy rendition of a classic story that has lured readers and storytellers alike for generations.


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