The Man in the Microwave Oven by Susan Cox

Following Susan Cox’s Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel award-triumphing debut, The Man within the Microwave Oven is her next delightfully quirky thriller offering San Francisco transplant Theo Bogart.Fleeing from a homicide and circle of relatives tragedy in her local England, in which she became the scandal du jour for the tabloid press, Theo Bogart changed her name and built an undercover lifestyles in a close-knit San Francisco community. She didn’t expect to find love and friendship there, and now she doesn’t recognise how—or if—to expose the truth. After a war of words with a difficult neighbor, Theo fears her secrets and techniques are approximately to be uncovered after all. When the girl who threatened to show her is murdered, Theo is embroiled within the kind of jeopardy she crossed an ocean to escape. Worse yet, dangerous circle of relatives secrets and techniques have followed her. Theo’s grandfather unveils a glimpse of the shadowy international he once inhabited as an agent for the British Secret Service, bringing a fair bigger breed of trouble—and any other death—to Theo’s doorstep. She reveals herself fighting to protect herself, her circle of relatives, and her new friends, conscious that one in every of them might be a murderer. Susan Cox has another time painted a delightfully quirky portrait of a colourful San Francisco neighborhood and a girl locating her way through precisely the type of scandalous mystery she become seeking to depart behind.


San Francisco’s Fabian Gardens is a funky, ideal neighborhood at the coronary heart of Susan Cox’s 2nd Theophonia Bogart thriller, The Man in the Microwave Oven. People of all demographics inhabit its low-upward push buildings and revel in the private park via which the life of the community flows. Dog walks, gardening get-togethers, friendly chats and pointed arguments all take place on the benches, alongside the pathways and amid the flowers.

Lately, neighborhood gossip’s targeted on one component: a developer’s challenge to put a high-rise of their quirky community, an endeavor championed by neighborhood resident Katrina Dermody. Katrina isn’t well-liked, to mention the least. She’s a brash, impolite lawyer, liable to suits of rage and unrepentant blackmail attempts. When she’s murdered, no person is truely surprised—no longer even Theo, who discovers Katrina’s battered and bloody body.

Alas, this isn’t even the worst component that’s befell for the reason that Theo moved to Fabian Gardens a 12 months ago, as per Cox’s The Man on the Washing Machine (2015) with its murders and other felonies. Although Theo and her cohorts located relative peace after those wild goings-on, she’s nevertheless feeling significant stress due to her large secret. She fled her local England after a circle of relatives tragedy that drew relentless paparazzi attention and has been retaining her identity mystery from her neighbors, friends and boyfriend ever on the grounds that.

Katrina’s homicide adds a brand new urgency. She threatened blackmail just earlier than her death, and Theo desires to know precisely what Katrina (and the murderer) might’ve learned approximately her. A former paparazzo herself, Theo uses her abilities to solve the thriller, which turns into exponentially more complex whilst she learns her grandfather is a former undercover agent and a feasible murder suspect.

Cox continues the tale transferring breathlessly along, mixing suspense and humor with a dash of charming old-faculty spycraft as Theo strives to unearth the fact approximately what’s occurring in her very own backyard . . . And her friend’s microwave (Warning: it’s gruesome!). The Man within the Microwave Oven is an entertaining, often outright funny mystery that winningly combines conventional and contemporary methods of crime-solving, ponders whether it’s ever acceptable to lie and warmly conveys the fee of friendship and circle of relatives while dead bodies flip up all over town.


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