The Son of Good Fortune by Lysley Tenorio

A Recommended Book From:USA Today * The Chicago Tribune * Book Riot * Refinery 29 * The Minneapolis Star-Tribune * Publishers Weekly * Baltimore Outloud * Omnivoracious * Lambda Literary * Goodreads * Lit Hub * The MillionsFrom award-winning creator Lysley Tenorio, comes a large hearted debut novel following an undocumented Filipino son as he navigates his relationship with his mom, an unsure future, and the location he calls homeExcel spends his days seeking to seem like an unremarkable American teenager. When he’s now not working at The Pie Who Loved Me (a spy-themed pizza shop) or passing the time together with his female friend Sab (every now and then in considered one of their town’s seventeen cemeteries), he carefully avoids the spotlight.But Excel is aware of that his circle of relatives is a ways from regular. His mother, Maxima, became once a Filipina B-film motion megastar who now makes her dwelling scamming guys online. The old guy they stay with is not his grandfather, however Maxima’s lifelong martial arts trainer. And years ago, on Excel’s 10th birthday, Maxima revealed a mystery that he must maintain forever. “We are ‘TNT’—tago ng tago,” she instructed him, “hiding and hiding.” Excel is undocumented—and one accidental slip may want to uproot his whole life.Casting apart the paranoia and secrecy of his childhood, Excel takes a leap, joining Sab on a journey south to a ramshackle wasteland town known as Hello City. Populated by means of drifters, old hippies, and washed-up techies—and existing outdoor the normal constructs of American society—Hello City gives Excel a threat to forge his own direction for the first time. But after such a lot of years of trying to be invisible, who does he want to become? And is it feasible to put down roots in a country that has usually taken into consideration you an outsider?Thrumming with energy and at as soon as crucial and hopeful, The Son of Good Fortune is a luminous tale of a mom and son checking out the electricity in their bond to their country—and to every other.


The immigrant experience in America is kafkaesque; having to navigate systems with obscure and debilitating guidelines while maintaining any shred of dignity and humanity has formed generations of Americans. The debut novel from Lysley Tenorio, The Son of Good Fortune, is a tale of this warfare, one this is precise in its relatability.

Excel, a young Filipino immigrant living in California, is unwillingly at the middle of the story. He lives paycheck to paycheck together with his mother, Maxima, who become a low-finances film star in the Philippines. He works at a nearby pizza parlor, and she scams men online. Then Excel meets Sab, a girl who works at a cemetery flower shop, and the 2 run away to the wasteland together. When they reach Hello City, the 2 battle to make a residing, and after a fiery accident, Excel is pressured back home so he can make sufficient money to pay the metropolis back.

Tenorio, himself a Filipino immigrant, appropriately and compassionately portrays the immigrant enjoy. From Excel’s and Maxima’s day by day struggles for cash to their fierce if unexpressed loyalty to 1 another, The Son of Good Fortune captures the lived revel in of many new Americans. Excel and his mother face the world with best each other to lean on, and in the course of the tale, they're reminded of their link.

Despite it universality, The Son of Good Fortune doesn’t lack for originality. With the whimsical pleasure of Hello City and the craftiness of Maxima’s on-line schemes, the story reveals a witty voice and sets a unique tone. Despite the drudgery and harshness of immigrant life, Tenorio explores the humanity inside the tribulations and creates characters who are as adorable as they may be real.

With his debut novel, Tenorio excavates joy from the immigrant enjoy, though he does his nice now not to diminish the suffering. If you cannot relate to this tale, you may without a doubt analyze from it.


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