The Weekend by Charlotte Wood


Charlotte Wood’s sincere and funny The Weekend follows three ladies in their 70s as they meet to clean out their friend’s house after her passing.

Months after Sylvie’s death, her three close buddies retain to grieve. Bossy former restaurateur Jude, practical highbrow Wendy and actor Adele, who’s protecting on to faded dreams, all war to restore what's left in their friendships now that Sylvie is long gone. In their brief amassing at the beach residence, insecurities, bitterness and secrets are revealed, shaking the very foundation in their friendships. Antagonism, which for goodbye has long past unexpressed, brews just below the surface, because the three ladies query what has held them together for so long.

Adele isn’t the handiest one suffering to adjust to her current lifestyles. Despite the sturdy photograph she portrays on the outside, Jude is having a hard time coping with antique age. Her love existence is an unspoken difficulty among the pals, but all 3 are privy to her clandestine relationship. Wendy’s dog, Finn, is nearing death, however regardless of his pain, Wendy is reluctant to permit him go, satisfied that her dedication to him represents her unwillingness to give up on lifestyles.

The story’s pacing is regular as the friendships’ dynamics are explored, but an oncoming storm—a metaphor for an inevitable shift—throws events into high gear. Unwelcome guests introduce an extra strand of rivalry, and the three pals should come together to defend themselves in opposition to this intruder, a testament to their loyalty no matter the entirety happening among them.

Entertaining and insightful, Wood’s amazing novel captures characters who are difficult to forget.


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