Thesaurus Has a Secret by Anya Glazer

A Kids’ Indie Next List pick! From author-illustrator Anya Glazer comes a humorous picture book for dinosaur fanatics and phrase fanatics of all ages. Thesaurus is an ordinary dinosaur. A very regular dinosaur . . . Who simply takes place to love words. And the alternative dinos know that’s simply who he is. But in the back of his verbose and fancy language, Thesaurus has additionally been preserving some thing absolutely, very, extremely top secret. But as his lies start to stack up, someone starts to notice. And if the alternative dinos discover what Thesaurus is hiding, they won’t assume he’s such a everyday dinosaur after all. 


Meet Thesaurus, a pleasant however barely strange dinosaur. His home is a tropical paradise wherein pleasant pastel-colored dinosaurs frolic and splash, snacking on coconuts or nibbling particularly scrumptious leaves. They are a glad group—but Thesaurus doesn’t quite experience like he suits in. Like the alternative dinosaurs, Thesaurus loves to eat, swim, play and wrestle. But he is likewise hiding a secret.

It seems that Thesaurus is a prehistoric bibliophile. He devours books like the other dinos devour foliage. He worries that his love of books and words makes him a tad distinct from the rest of his dinosaur clan, so while he settles in to read, he’s cautious to stay out of sight. But on one fateful day, he forgets himself and realizes he’s been reading aloud! Have the others heard him? Will they make a laugh of him? How will he healthy in whilst the component that makes him stand out is some thing he loves?

With his pleasantly plump form, pleased disposition and triumphing smile—not to say his erudite vocabulary—Thesaurus is the sort of picture e-book protagonist that storytime desires are made of. Using vibrant seashore shades to shade her whimsical illustrations, Anya Glazer’s palette of punched-up pastels pairs with a clever, lighthearted narrative to make for a tale that’s both lively and engaging. Thesaurus Has A Secret is a satisfying and reassuring tale for all people who’s ever involved about following the crowd.


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