You Lucky Dog by Julia London

An accidental canine switch unleashes an unexpected love match on this new romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling creator Julia London. Carly Kennedy’s lifestyles is in a spiral. She is drowning in work, her divorced mother and father are going through their midlife crises, and someway Carly’s sister convinces her to foster Baxter–a basset hound rescue with a horrific case of the blues. When Carly comes home past due from work in the future to discover that the canine walker has accidentally switched out Baxter for another perkier, friendlier basset hound, she has reached the end of her leash. When Max Sheffington unearths a depressed male basset hound in region of his joyful Hazel, he is bewildered. But when cute, fiery Carly arrives on his doorstep, he is intrigued. He was looking ahead to the canine walker, now not a pretty woman with firm ideas about dog discipline. And Carly was not anticipating a handsome, bespectacled man to be feeding her dog mac and cheese. Baxter is besotted with Hazel, and Carly realizes she may also have found the key to her puppy’s happiness. For his sake, she starts to spend extra time with Hazel and Max, till she begins to understand the appeal of falling on your polar opposite.


A collection of unlucky events cause a meet-catastrophe in Julia London’s affecting and ebullient romantic comedy You Lucky Dog. Austinites Carly and Max have little or no in not unusual aside from superb flavor in basset hounds and terrible good fortune with dog walkers. Carly is a newly independent (and currently unemployed) public relations consultant catering to clients inside the fashion and art world. Max is a socially awkward neuroscientist fixated on attaining tenure on the University of Texas.

With such disparate lives, the stars must align just proper for these two to get collectively. When canine-walker/drug dealer/agent of chaos Brant receives caught up in a police sting operation, he enlists a pal to return his canine fees to their rightful homes. This friend, however, has problem differentiating among Max’s perennially perky Hazel and Carly’s chronically depressed Baxter, and returns every dog to the wrong human. Even worse, with Brant out of the picture, Max has no one to dogsit whilst he's taking his brother to a long-promised weekend in Chicago.

After bonding with Hazel, Carly is extra than certified to pinch hit in an emergency, and by the point Max returns, Hazel and Baxter are bonded, and Baxter’s outlook has improved. From there, it’s best herbal that the four hold in touch. Chaperoned puppy dates permit humans and hounds to bond, and appeal evolves into romance. And yet, the route of actual love in no way did run smooth. Otherwise, You Lucky Dog wouldn’t be the unique comedy of mistakes it is. Conflicting career paths and curious coincidences create roadblocks for Max and Carly with out ever veering into angst.

London’s unfastened and limber comedic writing amplifies Max and Carly’s appeal, filling every voice with a unique attitude and personality. Max is a caring man who “was involved about his Very Good canine, a fourteen on a scale of ten on any rattling day. He hoped whoever had ended up together with her become taking proper care of her.” As a scientist, he thinks approximately enchantment in organic terms: “he felt a chunk of a flutter in his chest, a telltale sign that the hormone norepinephrine became coming together with the relaxation of him to brighten his day.” Carly’s free-associative brain, meanwhile, overflows with pop culture references. She lives in a carriage residence previously “occupied with the aid of a coven of witches or hippies or perhaps even Matthew McConaughey—it depends on who you communicate to.” The beauty is that the variations don’t simply contrast; they complement, making Max and Carly’s love story a delight.


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